About ME

“Giovanna Guglielmi is the Fashion Designer who brought to the world the idea of Fast Fashion: you’ll never have two identical pieces, only handcrafted clothes and the concept of a fast, changeable, intense way of dressing!”

"To me a dress is like a sculpture. It is already there inside the fabric. I only have to take it out"

"I never make two identical pieces"

"I work in a very special place that inspires all my creations"

"When I finish a garment I rarely do it again. Each piece must be a masterpiece"

"I sew my clothes one at the time as they did in the past"

"Wearing one of my garments can make you smile"

"The beauty of hand-sewing makes each garment special"

“When the platitude wind blows, keeping standing
 becomes an art”

Giovanna Guglielmi is the Fashion Designer who brought to the world the idea of Fast Fashion. Fashion in complete harmony with the time we are living: fast, changeable, intense, where nothing is more important than passion, as Giovanna herself wishes to emphasize.

Unrestrainable creativity able to grab every trend. Giovanna Guglielmi not only is a Designer, she is also a real textile craftswoman, a sculptress capable to turn every dress into a timeless work of art.

Her knowledge is masterful, she moulds shapes and folds turning the fabric and the materials she uses into unique works: silk, taffetas, velvet, organza enriched with sequins, embroideries, rhinestones and colour effects.

What is astonishing is the design creativity that outstrips any ordinary trend to live in Giovanna Guglielmi’s own time, in her wild “joie de vivre” and in her ability to create unique pieces.

Since after all “when the platitude wind blows, keeping standing becomes an art”.

The word to Giovanna…

Every vision of mine was born from the contact with a piece of cloth! When I touch it, I am able to interiorize your desire to be the only one, the desire to be different by wearing a garment tailored especially for you.

Let me say this: even if I have never met you before, I will spend the next hours making for you the most beautiful dress you can wear!

I don’t want to exaggerate or to add value to my personal world made by creations; I say it because this is the real value of my work.

My world is based on the concept of Fast Fashion; I make garments in very limited editions, which two or three women around the world will wear. Or maybe I will make that unique dress you alone will wear, since you will have the privilege to enter my Online Store a moment after its publication.

I can swing for the fences to design it again, but it will never be the same!

This is my guarantee for you, that has made me famous all around the world: my ability to sell very limited editions, only available for few women loving to feel different.

I love geography, I love travelling and I love filling my heart with all the diversity characterizing the world.

I haven’t browsed a fashion magazine for years and I am far for everything that can intoxicate my soul making it closer to the concept of “trend”.

 My garments were born from an idea, from fabric and their matching.

Nothing is designed before I buy fabric, nothing is made suitable for the “mass”, since I don’t care selling to everybody, I care about making you smile… always!